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Whether you're looking for professional microphone, audio recorders or other sound equipment, you can find everything you need at CameraLK. Browse equipment selections for live bands, as well as home audio, broadcasting, location sound, and much more.

Choosing the Best Gear for You

Sound production professionals need viable equipment to store audio. You can shop for both analog and digital pro audio recording equipment. Modern digital recorders are small, compact, and lightweight for convenient everyday use, and they can record up to 64 tracks simultaneously.

When shopping for microphones, ensure you go for one that's suitable for the environment where you'll be operating:

  • Ribbon and large diaphragm condenser mics are optimal for studio recording
  • Handheld and lavalier mics are perfect for live sound applications
  • Condenser shotgun mics and omnidirectional dynamic mics are ideal for location sound applications

Remember to also shop for the right speakers for your audio needs, such as PA, studio, or installed speakers.

Pro Audio Accessories

To position your mics for the best sound output, consider mic stands and mounts. For speakers, you can use speaker stands and monitors, or choose the appropriate furniture rack. Audio cases help protect your professional sound gear for improved durability. To connect different audio equipment, browse compatible audio cables and adapters. Finally, for media storage solutions, consider CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, flash drives, and audio tapes.