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Learning About Monoculars

Monoculars are compact, low-power telescopes that you look through with one eye. Similar to binoculars, a monocular can magnify objects in the distance, but it's also practical for viewing items up close. These magnifying devices work as handheld devices, or with tripod mounts and tripods for fieldwork and recreation.

Uses and Benefits of Monoculars

Most people use monoculars for viewing wildlife, targeting subjects, or just enjoying the outdoors. Some monoculars, though, are compatible with smartphone cameras, and allow you to take zoom-enhanced photos. Options like Vortex solo monoculars are waterproof, lightweight, and compact. This makes it easy for you to carry these optics in duffel bags, backpacks, and pockets during outdoor recreational activities. Most zoom monoculars have adjustable viewfinders as well as attachments for binocular straps, which also fit on monoculars. Accessories like neck straps and carrying cases help protect field equipment.

What Are Monocular Rangefinders?

Monocular rangefinders come in handy when hunting or taking photos of wildlife. Rangefinders help you focus in on targets during hunting or bird watching. Rangefinders are available in external or on-board options.

Lenses and Lens Accessories

Monoculars have roof prisms that are phase-corrected, compact, or standard. Choose from a fully multi-coated, achromatic, or anti-reflection primary focal lens, or one that has several other lens coatings. There are also additional lens accessories available like haze filters and lens caps to protect lenses from scratches and sun damage. Using caps and rain guards for binoculars also helps protect lenses from moisture and dust, which can cause foggy viewing or condensation buildup on the primary lens.

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